Camp Ongrandi

Camp Rentals


Numerous sites are available for all types of camping equipment (tents, trailers, motor homes). Other excursion sites are also available: an island, the beach for swimming and canoeing, hiking trails, a large field for outdoor activities, etc. Our sites are very well maintained, very clean and always safe.

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Rental Rates

The following prices are for weekend rentals (2 days) from Friday 4:00 pm to Sunday 1:00 pm.

  • Ongrandi kitchen: $650
  • Cadanac kitchen: $650
  • Washroom (showers): $350
  • Dormitories: $250
  • Camp ti mouille: $200
  • Trailer parking on the site: $200


A basic weekend rental is $1000 and includes the building of one of the two kitchens and the washrooms (showers). The kitchen showers are not available to tenants unless there are special needs (e.g., mobility impairment).

The rental fee for the entire buildings of Ongrandi is $1450, $1650 with trailers/campers/motor homes.

A $500 refundable deposit is required. The deposit is returned upon departure following an inspection of the grounds and buildings to ensure that the buildings are cleaned. If cleaning is required, the $500 is retained to pay for the cleaning.